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When do I need to enroll in Medicare?

The annual enrollment period (AEP) is from October 15 to December 7 each year. We recommend most people enroll in Medicare three months prior to the month of their 65th birthday, however, every situation is unique and we will help you determine the right time to enroll.

Am I required to enroll in Medicare if I'm still working at age 65?

The answer depends on your company’s current health care plan. Our team will educate and advise you on your options.

What if I'm on my spouse's group plan?

As long as the employer sponsored coverage meets Medicare standards, you do not need to make a change. However, the size of the employer and quality of coverage can affect when you will need to enroll into Medicare.

Is there a penalty for delaying Medicare Part B enrollment?

Medicare can increase your Part B premium by 10% for each 12 months that you neglect to enroll. Typically, your ability to enroll will also be restricted to the annual enrollment period.

How does Medicare impact the way I leave my employer’s plan?

If you have postponed Medicare enrollment and have a Heath Savings Account (HSA), you will want to stop contributions to your HSA 6 months prior to your Medicare effective date to avoid any penalty.

Do I need a prescription plan (Part D)?

Whether or not you need a Part D plan depends on your individual situation. We will help you make an informed decision. Medicare Part D coverage is optional, but if you don’t enroll in Part D as soon as you’re eligible, you may pay a late enrollment penalty when enrolling later.

What Our Clients Say

“Prior to enrolling in Medicare, I visited a few insurance companies. With FMS Insurance I got answers immediately. Attending Bob Schmaltz’s seminar was the best thing I did!

FMS agents are very knowledgeable about the Medicare process. The entire staff went way beyond helping me select the best plan for my needs. I highly recommend their services.”

— K. A.